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BeautiFill Laser Liposuction

At New Body Aesthetics, we use BeautiFill, a state-of-the-art laser lipo technology, for our laser liposuction procedures. This innovative system combines the power of laser energy with the gentle suction of traditional liposuction to provide superior results. Here are some of the reasons why our patients choose BeautiFill over other liposuction methods:

What is BeautiFill laser liposuction?

BeautiFill is a cutting-edge laser lipo system that utilizes advanced technology to precisely target and remove excess fat from specific areas of the body. The procedure involves using a small cannula, or tube, equipped with a specialized laser fiber to liquefy the fat cells. The liquified fat is then gently suctioned out of the body through the cannula, resulting in a smoother and more contoured appearance.

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beautifill laser liposuction new body aesthetics
traditional liposuction vs. laser liposuction

Laser Liposuction vs. Traditional Liposuction

There are several advantages to choosing BeautiFill laser lipo over traditional liposuction methods, including:

Minimally invasive: Unlike traditional liposuction, which involves larger incisions and longer recovery time, BeautiFill is minimally invasive and requires only small incisions, resulting in less discomfort and a quicker recovery.

Improved skin tightness: The laser energy used in BeautiFill stimulates collagen production, leading to tighter and firmer skin in the treated areas.

Reduced scarring: The small incisions made during the procedure result in minimal scarring, making it an ideal option for those concerned about visible scars.

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Laser Liposuction Treatment Areas

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

BeautiFill can be used to enhance and contour the buttocks area with precision and minimal scarring. Learn more about Brazilian Butt Lift

360 Lipo, Arms & Legs

In addition to sculpting the abdomen, waist, and back with 360 liposuction, BeautiFill can also effectively reduce fat on the arms and legs for a more toned and balanced overall body contour.

Submental Lipo

With its precise and gentle technology, BeautiFill can effectively remove excess fat from under the chin, revealing a more defined jawline and neck.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

BeautiFill allows for precise removal and transfer of fat from one area of the body to the breasts. This results in natural-looking, fuller breasts without the need for implants.

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