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Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

This minimally invasive procedure involves injecting a solution directly into the affected veins, causing them to collapse and eventually fade away.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure used to treat spider veins, which are dilated blood vessels close to the surface of the skin that often appear as small red or purple lines. At New Body Aesthetics in Cincinnati, OH, we offer this minimally invasive treatment as a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of unsightly veins.

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How does sclerotherapy work?

During the procedure, a special solution is injected into the affected veins. This solution causes irritation and inflammation within the vein walls, causing them to stick together and eventually close off. As a result, blood flow is redirected to healthier veins and the treated spider veins gradually fade away over time.

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Benefits of Sclerotherapy

Experience smooth, clear skin with spider vein removal.

smoother, clearer skin

Sclerotherapy can significantly improve the appearance of spider veins, leading to smoother and clearer skin.


As a non-surgical procedure, sclerotherapy does not require any incisions or anesthesia, making it a safe and convenient option for many patients.

long-last results

With proper maintenance and follow-up treatments, the results of sclerotherapy can last for years, providing long-term relief from spider veins.

Quick recovery

Compared to other vein treatments, sclerotherapy has a quick recovery time, with most patients able to resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

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