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Welcome to New Body Aesthetics, your premiere destination in Cincinnati, OH, for transforming health, wellness, and beauty. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Cory Gaiser, the Lipo King™, and his dedicated team, you'll experience tailored care that exceeds expectations. Whether you're seeking cutting-edge treatments like laser fat reduction with BeautiFill, comprehensive medical weight loss plans, or advanced skin care therapies, we're here to ensure you look as vibrant on the outside as you feel within.

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Unleashing your true radiance with personalized Aesthetic solutions.
Cosmetic Procedures
Unlock a more confident you with our state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures! Choose from a wide range, including laser hair and tattoo removal for silky-smooth skin, dermal fillers for luscious lips and revitalized facial areas, and neurotoxins for a serene face, migraine relief, TMJ solutions, and the perfect lip flip. Step into your beauty today!
Skin Rejuvenation & Enhancement
Step into a world of radiant beauty with our exclusive offers on skin rejuvenation services. Experience the transformative power of Harmony IPL Photofacial, the revolutionary Clearlift for that instant glow-up, and precise Laser Nail Fungus Treatments. Don't forget our safe and effective Mole and Skin Tag removal via cryotherapy. Achieve flawless skin with our tailored treatments designed to illuminate your natural beauty.
Health & Wellness
Elevate your wellness with our cutting-edge treatments. Experience rapid recovery and rejuvenation with Bengal Bags, designed for optimum hydration and recovery. Unlock vitality with Hormone Replacement Therapy using BioTe, complete with essential nutraceuticals. Revitalize joints and tendons with our advanced Stem Cell Therapy, and achieve flawless skin by eliminating spider veins through Sclerotherapy. Transform your health today.
Specialized Skin Treatments
Elevate your beauty and wellness regime with our specialized skin treatments designed to rejuvenate and revitalize. From Opus skin resurfacing for your face, neck, and chest to Opus skin tightening for the abdomen, and PDO threads for lifting and collagen stimulation. Enhance your natural glow with PRP and PRF injections, targeting under-eye areas, joints, hair loss, and smile lines.
Weight Loss & Body Contouring
Discover the path to a more confident you with our range of weight loss and body contouring services. Our medical weight loss solutions, including Semaglutide, Tirzepatide, and Adipex, along with Lipo B & B12 shots, offer effective ways to achieve your goals. For those seeking targeted fat reduction, our laser liposuction provides a non-surgical option. Plus, rejuvenate with Sculptra, a facial treatment designed to combat volume loss.
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